Ryan Langdon

At a strapping and athletic 6’3”, 240 lbs., Ryan Langdon is kind of hard to miss.  

But when you hear the first few notes of his brand new single, the up-tempo stomper “Lit In The Sticks,” you’ll notice there’s something else about this 2019 CMAO Rising Star nominee and Niagara Falls, Ontario-based country singer that’s hard to miss… His booming baritone and stadium-sized voice.

It’s as engrained in his DNA as is his ability to sing country music.  “It’s funny,” admits Langdon, 29. “I sang as a kid and loved many music genres, but I always had that country sound. Even when I experimented with a variety of genres and material, friends would say, ‘Man, I don’t know if you’re trying, but you sound like a country singer.’ It was just my voice.”

Of “Lit In The Sticks” Langdon shares, “This is a high energy country song that makes you want to party. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what’s in your wallet, anyone can get lit in the sticks."

And that rich and resonant hook-filled tone is just one of the first things that connected with fans on Langdon’s previous Slaight Music single “Leave Me Right,” a memorable debut produced by Jeff “Diesel” Dalziel (Brett Kissel, Dan Davidson, The Washboard Union) and co-written by the acclaimed Jessica Mitchell (“Workin’ On Whiskey,”) multiple CCMA Award winner Patricia Conroy and Dave Thomson (Lady Antebellum.) It knocked Langdon out the moment he heard the demo.  “It’s such a cool song because it’s very close to my personality,” says Langdon. “If you’re in a relationship and it’s not going as planned and you can feel the other person is losing interest, it’s very relatable. “The song says, ‘If you’re not interested, you may as well let me know now and just leave me right – don’t drag me along for three or four years. Just get it over with.’ It’s hip.”

Recently, Langdon has been honing his craft in Nashville, writing with “Leave Me Right” partners, Patricia Conroy and Dave Thomson along with Emma Lee and Karen Kosowski his co-writers and producer (Kosowski), on his newest single “Lit In The Sticks” out now.    

On June 16th, Langdon will perform in Ottawa at the CMAO Awards (Country Music Association of Ontario Awards), where he is nominated for Rising Star.

Now the road work begins………

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